Water, Water Everywhere, and Finally Refundable?

5 02 2009

As of now, Maine is the only state to offer a bottle deposit for all containers except milk and cider, but perhaps that is soon changing. On Feb. 4, Governor M. Jodi Rell of Connecticut proposed, as part of her state budget, to make plastic water bottles refundable.

Listen toRell’s Water Bottle Deposit Plan here.

Adding a 5 cent bottle return on water bottles would, “add $12.1 million in new revenue to the state annually,” Rell said.

Because drinking bottled water has become trendy in recent years, making the plastic containers refundable in extremely necessary. Since water bottles first grew in popularity around 2000, they have been plaguing landfills ever since.

In 2006 U.S. citizens consumed the most bottled worldwide at 8,254 gallons of bottled water, with Mexico in a far-from-second place at 5,360 gallons. This is ironic because much of the tap water in the U.S. is perfectly safe to drink and it usually tastes no different than it’s trendy, bottled, identical twin. Where does bottled water come from…no surprise, a tap!

Water Bottles in Landfill

Water Bottles in Landfill

This refund idea is not new in Connecticut. In, fact the idea of making all plastic drink bottles refundable was approved in the Connecticut Senate in 2007, but later rejected in the House.

Though recently CT representatives have been scrambling to dig up money where ever they can in light of the astronomical state deficit, and bottle deposits was one idea. Senate President Donald E. Williams, Jr. said it nicely, “While this is not a new proposal, I believe there is a new sense of urgency for an expanded bottle bill that will improve Connecticut’s environment and its budget.”

Connecticut is only one of 11 states that offer bottle deposits. With a struggling economy and growing landfills, why don’t more states hop on the recycling band wagon? In this age, plastic = money and it’s time to cash in.



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6 02 2009

Hey Katy, great blog. It’s cool that CT is doing this to recycle bottles. Just a random thing but my grandparents live in Columbus, Ohio and last I knew, they have no recycling program at all there. You should look into that and call them out because it’s pretty ridiculous that they don’t.

Well done. See you soon.

9 02 2009

Hey Aaron,
Yes, I also think it’s crazy that some states don’t even offer recycling. They’re missing out on a lot of money and a chance to help the environment. My mom used to live in Tennessee and she didn’t recycle either! I’ll try and find out how many states actually don’t have a recycling program.

9 02 2009

I cannot believe that there isn’t a deposit for water bottles or that there isn’t even recycling in some states. My roommate and I do our best to recycle anything possible to do our part. I am so glad that you are getting your voice out there. I’m proud of you!!

9 02 2009

Thank you Katie for your words of encouragement. And keep up the good work!

10 02 2009

New York is also poised to add water and juice bottles to its current deposit program for soda and beer bottles. The Bigger Better Bottle Bill has been kicking around Albany for the past several years, but Republicans in the state Senate. refused to let the bill even come up for a vote.

This past year, the Senate switched hands, with a new 2 seat Democratic majority. The former leader of the senate, and the bill’s fiercest opponent, has retired (and has been indicted on ethics charges–instant karma!)

The fact that the bill will also add revenue to a state reeling from the collapse of wall Street and facing a multi-BILLION dollar deficit can only help its chances as well.

10 02 2009

I could not agree more, which is why I can’t fathom why more than 75 percent of our country does not have any sort of bottle refund policy.

10 09 2010
Seychelle Filter Bottles

This is an AMAZING insight to the extent that bottled water impacts our lives now and far into the future. When given the chance, big corporations will NOT do the right thing. We, as consumers, have to STOP BUYING BOTTLED WATER. It is up to us!!!!


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