Italian Slime

30 03 2009



The green sludge that has clung to docks, boats and buildings throughout the old city of Venice, Italy is slowly becoming a saving grace instead of a nuisance.

Recently the city of Venice announced a 200 million euro project to build the first algae-fueled power plant.

“The algae will be cultivated in laboratories and put in plastic cylinders where water, carbon dioxide, and sunshine can trigger photosynthesis. The resulting biomass will be treated further to produce a fuel to turn turbines. The carbon dioxide produced in the process will be fed back to the algae, resulting in zero emissions from the plant.”

Algae into Fuel

Algae into Fuel



6 responses

15 05 2009

FYI- the picture of the above hand is not Algae but is Watermeal.

24 05 2009

Woaaaaaa! I didn’t think that was possible!!! It’s amazing what peole can come up with and the things they use… they can take something completely useless and turn it into truely something- WOW

27 05 2010
Darcy Melton

You have done it once more. Superb post!

29 06 2010

i cried because this ‘info’ wasssss ssssooooooooo bad how dare u!!

22 09 2010
Can Super Algae Restore Healthy Soil To Mono-Farms? | Crisp Green

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26 10 2010

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