Origin Oil

20 04 2009

Origin Oil, a California-based company, sounds like a frontrunner in biofuel technologies. Recently the company announced a new way to extract oil from algae, thereby making the process from plat to fuel faster and cheaper.

Origin Oil

Origin Oil has a video on its Web site, showing the new process.

“The company’s technology combines electromagnetism and pH modification to break down cell walls, releasing algal oil within the cells. The oil rises to the top for skimming and refining, while the remaining biomass settles to the bottom for further processing as fuel and other valuable products.”



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21 04 2009

What’s up with the Dragnet sounding voiceover?

25 07 2010

Aussie government grants 5 million to turn carbon into algae oil. Origin Oil and MBD Energy poised for growth!

Mbd energy is origin oils first customer. The two are collaborating to capture carbon from existing power plants and produce oil. If successful profitability is inevitable.  The oil produced will be able to take part in fueling our nations energy needs.

Below is a link to the news and a quote from the article explaining their terms of agreement. 
Article published may 11

 ”In the initial phase, OriginOil will equip MBD Energy’s research and development facility at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, where testing will take place. The two companies agreed that, subject to the success of the initial test phase, MBD will purchase significantly larger feeding and OriginOil extraction units to serve facilities planned for its three Algal Synthesizer power station projects in Australia: Tarong Energy (Queensland), Loy Yang A (Victoria) and Eraring energy(New South Wales).”

(If trials work, mbd will be fully financially committed to the  purchasing and production of this technology.)


This article published July 9th 2010 by James Cook university allows potential investors and those following origin oil and mbd energy to conclude that the tests were a success and that mbd energy is going to be purchasing larger more expensive units from Origin Oil. The link  below followed by an important quote will explain my claims.


“Senator Carr visited the MBD-JCU research facility at the Townsville campus and inspected the facility – a pilot project that is aimed at commercializing the development of Bio Carbon and Capture Storage technology. The process consumes large quantities of greenhouse gases while producing low cost bio-oil and animal feedstock” 

(the research facility at the Townsville campus was an integration of Mbd and Originoil’s technology.)

Summary-First, Origin Oil and MBD energy integrated and tested each others technology at James Cook university.  The trials were successful.  They called in the Aussie government to evaluate. The Aussie government evaluated the facility and rewarded their successes with government funding.      

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