Carbon Offsetting…

25 02 2009

I came across this site that told me I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about my carbon footprint if I took part in “carbon offsetting” programs. The site is aptly named “ClimateCare”

The Reduce and Offset Approach
“For the greenhouse gases we cannot avoid emitting, you can buy carbon offsets.”

If this sounds too good to be true, it is. ClimateCare is just another way to warrant the superfluous consumption of resources and energy.

In actuality, “carbon offsetting” is a myth. The damage we’ve caused to our atmosphere by emitting CO2 is irreversible so why would I pay to have my emissions “canceled out” with clean energy production? It makes no sense.

The Reality of Carbon Offsetting

The Reality of Carbon Offsetting

So what are these offsetting programs offered by ClimateCare?

Apparently, I can fund new stoves for the rural people of Cambodia or I can replace diesel-fueled water pumps in India with “treadle pumps,” which apparently use “human power to pump water from wells.”

New Stoves That "Offset Carbon..." Right

New Stoves That "Offset Carbon" Right...

Why not just use biodiesel to fuel the existing pumps instead of creating an entirely new irrigation system?

Not surprisingly, I realized this program was owned by JP Morgan.